Most clothing brands promote things you don’t understand. My goal with this brand is to combine fashion and comfort mixed in with landscapes the common eye would over look. Putting a new spin on life with one new picture printed. Seeing an appreciation of the little things can only send you UPWARDS. Most brands don’t have a real message, but because of the style you’ll “Just Do It”. Instead we at Upwards Inspiration hope to inspire the naked eye to look up to the skies for a change. Count the stars, see shapes in the clouds, or even make friends with the birds. If that’s not your vibe, watch grass grow in the cracks of pavement, see a fence broken down and and see the symbolism of the opening of a pathway or the start to a new adventure. Dangle your feet over the tracks to put an artistic twist on an overly industrialized area. Allow your pupils to dilate and your mouth to salivate at the most commonly overlooked part of our lives, the outdoors, throw on a shirt or a hoodie promoting your own growth. Allow yourself to flourish in style as you pursue passion.